Acne scars are so bad that they make my life a living hell!

Yes, it’s bacteria which inflames below the skin’s surface, which is why antibiotics will clear it right up with the caveat that you have to continue taking them indefinitely. But how is the bacteria getting below the surface? The pore is all plugged up with oil so how does the bacteria from the skin get down into there through the plug? Not all acne is caused by bacteria. But pores are normally open and the bacteria that is always on your skin can then enter the pore. Mixing with the oil and dead skin cells causes the acne. But I”m pretty good at research and have not been able to find good explanations of what causes acne, actually.

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If you go out on a sunny remember might be very frustrating to your skin. Wear sunglasses wear a hat and wear a sun blocking lotion or creams. Go to the pharmacy and discover a sunscreen that doesnt clog pores and you will be much happier and more comfortable.

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July 31, I myself have been dealing with acne and acne scars for awhile now and to be honest I get a huge bubble of self-awareness, being self-conscious and over think about my physical appearance when it comes down to flirting and or socializing in attraction to the opposite sex. Now, my daily life consists of many interactions with the opposite sex I’m male as you can tell I deal with a lot of female customers at my job as a salesperson, which is a evening prom dress store.

So to get an idea I am not in social nervous breakdown when it comes to time in socializing with the opposite sex. Here’s the thing though, when I find myself in liking of the opposite sex I start to realize how I look instantly due to my acne and acne scarring, which in due makes me over think about the situation at hand and how she thinks of me. For example in my head I would sort of prethink, damn that’s a lot of facial damaged done, can I even go to the cafe, movies or just being out with this girl?

Without her noticing and being down to even getting turned off at some point in the relationship? Appearance I know isn’t all in a relationship but damn when it’s that obvious of your acne and scarring in the initial phase of ones relationship I start to wonder how her first impression of me would be and if it’ll be alright in the long run. How do you guys feel about this all? Does acne effect you now in a relationship or getting one?

Have you dated and or dating someone with acne? How does the whole acne category affect your relationship?

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Would you date a girl with bad acne scars? Presently there are no technologies that can reliably get rid of severe acne scars. The best that various procedures, be it lasers, dermabrasion, excision, etc. Additionally, sometimes these procedures can cause complications that can make the scarring worse.

Dating When You Have Acne. Acne can definitely be transcended. A lot of people might even say they wouldn’t date someone with acne, but when it comes down to it, if they found someone they really liked, it honestly wouldn’t matter to them. When I first met my husband and started dating, my acne was severe and I was absolutely.

Like you, I’ve often felt self-conscious about mine. Often times I will think to myself, wouldn’t it be nice to be with someone who just understands? Acne is a stressful situation, it can often be one of the major things we vent about. I feel that if I dated someone with the same skin problems as me, it would often lead to me feeling as though I had both our problems stacked up on my shoulders. Seeing as being in a relationship is all about “togetherness” and helping one another be the best that they can be.

I will already talk to most of my girlfriends about my skin problems, whether it be how I feel about it a particular day or new measures I’m trying to get rid of it. Most of the time they just listen and express their thoughts, it can be soothing I guess. The truth is, whether they have good skin or not, if they’re with you They can obviously see your acne, and whether you emotionally try to hide it or not, they can see how it affects you mentally. They understand on that level, and that’s really all that’s needed.

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We share a mutual belief. I don’t pay so much attention to looks. I won’t say i do not care at all. But for me; i see a beauty in everyone.

Continued Tips for Weighing Your Treatment Options. There is a tendency for acne to run in families. If you have symptoms of acne and have a parent or sibling who had severe acne with scarring.

If it’s very bad it is near impossible. I had it as an employed, responsible, U. Marine, that wanted to date and marry an American woman. Bearing in mind this was a time when I bought into the crap about listening to and changing yourself a different ways women or men told you to, just to get a woman. I was highly loyal to America.

The truth is life reflects a lot of the theory of evolution in Sexual Selection. My face cleared up about the time–ironically –I became a crack addict and my addiction caused me the loss of my job s.

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August 28th Re: Would you date someone with severe facial acne? Originally Posted by Nova Exactly. As others have already said, so many people in their adolescence and into their adulthood struggle with acne. It’s clearly not your fault. Eventually it goes away or you find a solution that works for you to help reduce it.

Oct 19,  · Dating Someone With Acne; I don’t think I would start to date them (like I said, it would have to be 10/10 severity). However, if I was already dating somebody who I loved, and their acne got severe, that wouldn’t phase me at all. Share this post. Link to post even severe acne I see this guy at my college every so often, he has severe Location: , CA.

Prev NEXT If you have acne scars, there are several procedures that can help reduce their appearance. However, it’s important to discuss your options with a doctor before you make a decision. Most of these procedures work by removing the top layers of skin and scar tissue. Typically reserved for severe scars, dermabrasion removes scar tissue by moving a spinning wire brush over the surface of the skin.

For less severe scarring, microdermabrasion is an option. These treatments involve using a hand-held device to blow crystals onto the skin and remove cells on the skin’s surface [source: Chemical peels are another option for less severe scars. They peel away scar tissue after a chemical solution — often containing glycolic acid or trichloroacetic acid — is allowed to soak into the skin. Laser resurfacing, a process in which a laser burns away the top layer of skin, is a relatively new procedure that can effectively improve scar tissue [source: WebMD ] Collagen injections can also help reduce the appearance of acne scars, but instead of removing layers of skin, it plumps up the skin.

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View All Acne can affect more than just your skin—it can impact your entire life in very real ways. Your family and friends may not fully understand just how acne influences your self-esteem. Even mild breakouts can make you feel less-than-confidant. Acne is often thought to be a trivial problem, especially when compared to other diseases.

But some studies have shown that people with acne experienced social, psychological, and emotional ramifications at the same level of those with chronic health problems, like epilepsy, diabetes, and arthritis. Clearly, the emotional consequences of acne shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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This is really good stuff to hear. So many of the comments and the items in the list make me flinch—how could people be so stupid and cruel? Is there anything I can do to support my friend? I always tell her she is beautiful—because she is! Is there anything else? Lewis My friend has got a bit of acne, his reply to someone noticing is: Yolo I hate it when people who have perfect complexions always complain about how they get like two tiny blackheads.

FML Pink-eye I had a family event last weekend and broke out about a week before it was happening. My sisters asked me if I had skin cancer. Have you ever tried ProActiv? Hey, it worked for Katy Perry! Just shut up… Just shut up. Taavi Bee When I was pre-teen, I developed acne. Just what I needed to hear to build my self esteem.

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