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BBC The premise behind Sexy Beasts is classic BBC3, examining an aspect of pop-culture, in this case love and dating, in a completely contrived situation, like being dressed as a witch riding on the dodgems. Having said that, Sexy Beasts is strangely watchable. Along the same lines as Snog, Marry, Avoid and Hotter than my Daughter it features a selection of overconfident datees and particularly picky daters. Bethany was looking for love — but had quite a specific list Picture: BBC In episode one fashion student Bethany was looking for love, preferably with a short, tanned guy but what would she find among her three beasts? Sexy Beasts was amazing.

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The British Government licensed the BBC through its General Post Office , which had original control of the airwaves because they had been interpreted under law as an extension of the Post Office services. Today radio broadcasting still makes up a large part of the corporation’s output – the title of the BBC’s listings magazine, Radio Times , reflects this. John Reith , who had been the founding managing director of the commercial company, became the first Director General.

BBC Scotland has named Martin Geissler and Rebecca Curran as the new anchors of its new flagship “Scottish Nine” news programme.

The sanctions are an attempt to starve North Korea of fuel and income for its weapons programmes, and restrict oil imports and ban textile exports. The fresh measures followed the sixth and most powerful nuclear test conducted by Pyongyang earlier this month. But some critics have raised questions over the effectiveness of the restrictions, as North Korea is still able to trade internationally. The country’s commerce with China, its main ally, was partially responsible for an estimated economic growth of 3.

How is the world responding? Mr Trump previously warned that “all options” were on the table and that North Korea would face “fire and fury” if it continued to threaten the US. Will he listen or lecture? Washington has repeatedly urged Beijing to take more direct action to rein in Pyongyang, while China says the US should refrain from issuing more threats.

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Overview[ edit ] With a more light-hearted tone than most political programming, This Week prides itself on being “punchy, irreverent, satirical”. This was aided in the show’s early years by the fact that Michael Portillo , the regular Conservative commentator on the show, left the House of Commons in , while the Labour Party commentator until was Diane Abbott , for many years a backbench Labour MP noted for rebelling against her own party. The two were thereafter ostensibly an “odd couple” coming from different sides of the political spectrum albeit with a long-standing friendship dating back to when both attended grammar school in Harrow , even having appeared in a production of Macbeth together.

Eventually, her place was taken by another Labour MP, in rotation each week, always a backbencher, most often Alan Johnson. After returning to the backbenches in , Abbott appeared on a fortnightly basis, alternating with Johnson. Since her appointment as Shadow Secretary of State for International Development in September , she has rarely appeared, and the tradition of Labour MPs alternating in the spot has continued.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a British public service headquarters are at Broadcasting House in Westminster, London and it is the world’s oldest national broadcasting organisation and the largest broadcaster in the world by number of employees. It employs over 20, staff in total, 16, of whom are in public sector broadcasting.

Presenter James Menendez introduced her report from Video footage of Ahed Tamimi slapping the soldier at her home in the West Bank was widely viewed. She was jailed after pleading guilty to charges that included assault and inciting violence. Many Israelis regarded the incident as a staged provocation. But it had already been a long day for her family. On the road since four in the morning, they were chasing the location where the Israeli soldiers would release her and her mother who had also been held.

They kept going back and forth between two checkpoints that are nearly two hours apart. Finally one relative shouted that he could see Ahed in an Israeli military jeep passing the Rantis checkpoint near [sic] the city of Ramallah.

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James Rodger Head of Trends Producers at the Beeb want Birmingham singletons for the new dating show. The brand-new dating show will look to hook Brummies up with a hot date. It’s set to be fronted by up-and-coming online star Yung Filly. The show allows contestants to snoop around their potential date’s homes and meet their friends and family before they actually meet them.

It’s that time of the year again, as BAFTA is gearing up to celebrate the best TV of the last 12 months with its Television Awards. Sue Perkins is your host at London’s Royal Festival Hall on.

Rowling’s Harry Potter series. The main story of the books covers seven years in the life of the orphan who, on his eleventh birthday, learns he is a wizard. He attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to learn magic under the guidance of the kind headmaster Albus Dumbledore. Harry also discovers that he is already famous throughout the wizarding world, and that his fate is tied with that of Lord Voldemort, the universally feared Dark wizard who killed Harry’s mother and father.

According to Rowling, the idea for both the Harry Potter books and its eponymous protagonist came while waiting for a delayed train from Manchester to London in She stated that her idea for “this scrawny, black-haired, bespectacled boy who didn’t know he was a wizard became more and more real to me”. She explained in a interview with The Guardian: Hogwarts has to be a boarding school — half the important stuff happens at night!

BBC’s Kate Adie will remember Gloucestershire’s soldiers at event

The broadcast is available here and individual clips from the programme have also been put online here. As BBC Watch readers are doubtless aware, that subject is a particularly pertinent one in relation to the corporation itself as it regularly employs double standards regarding the use of the word terrorism and by doing so communicates to its audiences which political violence it regards as terror and which — due to its own political motivations — it does not.

Ironically, listeners heard a small example of that phenomenon early on in this programme. But as well as the obvious impartiality issue raised by the use of that phrase, Corera also fails on accuracy. While slowly advancing toward the take-off starting point, the plane was attacked by four terrorists, who opened automatic fire and hurled demolition charges at the aircraft. The three terrorists imprisoned in West Germany had carried out an attack on a bus carrying El Al passengers at Munich airport on February 10th , killing one person and wounding 11 others.

SUBSCRIBE for more BBC highlights: WATCH full programmes on BBC iPlayer Michael Buble reacts to the meme about him coming out of .

To do a full upgrade with all the external ports did, however, require soldering the connectors to the motherboard. The original machines shipped with “OS 0. Variations in the Acorn OS exist as a result of home-made projects and modified machines can still be bought on internet auction sites such as eBay , as of This fault could be rectified partly by soldering a resistor across two pads.

Early issue BBCs Issue 3 circuit boards and before are notorious for out of specification timings. After the failed US marketing campaign the unwanted machines were remanufactured for the British market and sold, [36] resulting in a third ‘UK export’ variant. A particular problem was the replacement of the Intel floppy disk controller [38] with the Western Digital — not only was the new controller mapped to different addresses, [39] it was fundamentally incompatible and the emulators that existed were necessarily imperfect for all but basic operation.

A series of unsuccessful replacements were issued before one compatible with both was finally released. It had essentially the same based BBC architecture, with many of the upgrades that the original design had intentionally made possible extra ROM software, extra paged RAM, second processors now included on the circuit board as internal plug-in modules.

Software and expandability[ edit ] Elite Acornsoft , The unusual game screen used two display modes at once, to show both detail and colour.


Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A new documentary highlighting the pioneering work carried out at the Centre for Life is to be shown nationally this week.

Now, following its local screening last Wednesday, the episode is to air nationally on Friday, showcasing its local success stories countrywide. The programme is one of five half-hour episodes in a new series which is helping to mark the 70th birthday of the NHS. It will show viewers examples of its ground-breaking work in genetic medicine where – under one roof at the Centre For Life – clinicians, researchers and entrepreneurs explore genetic make-up and its links to health.

Professor Sir John Burn: And that work has been instrumental in making medical breakthroughs.

Ice from three of the UK’s biggest coffee chains has been found to contain bacteria from faeces, according to a BBC investigation. Samples of iced drinks from Costa Coffee, Starbucks and Caffe.

The BBC took to Twitter to defend the programme. The episode the Daily Mail referenced was a repeat shown at 2. The episode was actually watched by , people across four separate airings. So why would two national newspapers with almost polar opposite political points of view, the left-leaning Guardian and the right-leaning Daily Mail, use a skewed reading of viewing figures to create a negative story about the BBC? The Guardian takes aim as well.

But, because everyone pays, the BBC also needs to make programmes which are popular, such as Strictly Come Dancing — or people would simply refuse to pay their licence fee. Newspaper owners see the BBC as a rival and there is some evidence showing that the BBC is criticised within particular newspapers because of this. Playing the blame game As many BBC programmes are popular, it seems as though newspapers are usually careful not to obviously attack the BBC programmes themselves.

Blue Peter, for example, is a programme many newspaper readers would have grown up watching and so suggesting the programme was at fault would not have gone down well. The newspapers, therefore, developed their story around the BBC failing to take proper care of a programme which the nation knows and loves. The Daily Mail, for example, blamed the BBC for moving the programme around in scheduling and cutting the number of weekly episodes from three to one.

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