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What is the Best Single Person Tent? Last year I asked what was the best expedition backpack. The feedback on that piece was so helpful. So I would really appreciate any suggestions you may have. Pop them in the comments section below… Thank you. The collective wisdom of Twitter came up with some good suggestions: The Exped Vela extreme is a nice tent, and works well with just the fly v light http: Has vertical walls so you can sit up. Check out the new Terra Nova Solar 1, updated and super lite but not true self support.

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Posts 8, but if that’s the case why is the gelert solo, which is one of the cheapest tents I looked at also one of the lightest and a double skin? Is there some other compromise that manufacturers make to keep prices down? But you also need to be very sure the weights you’re comparing are like for like: Also, you have to bear in mind that another item which contributes a great deal to the weight is the groundsheet, and when it comes to that item you really have a serious conflict of priorities.

Heavier ones are typically much tougher, and as it’ll be dealing with your weight on it rubbing it against the ground for all its working life thentougher can be better.

I bought the Akto after looking at the TN laser, Vaude Hogan ultralight argon, a vango one man single skin job and a north face job. The hilleberg is heavier than some (pack weight c. Kg) but.

One of the most important things you need for a music festival – beyond a ticket – is a good quality tent. Festival tents should make your time camping comfortable and fun, while offering a few extra luxuries should you prefer it. Looking for the best festival tent for the summer? Then check out this buying guide for all the info you need to know! Choose a Suitable Size The most important thing to consider when buying a festival tent is the size.

An obvious thing to consider is how many people are sleeping in the tent. The common logic used when buying a tent is to always go at least one size up from the recommended capacity. For instance, if two people are sharing, a three or four-man tent is much more comfortable and spacious than going for a basic two-man tent.

Consider Extra Space Many tents come with extra space beyond the sleeping areas, which may be a good idea if a large group are going to the festival. Porch areas make for a great place to relax and hang out and are a lifesaver if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

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Very good at what it does. It gives far more room than a conventional bivi and has space for your kit as well, but it is very lightweight and so features are slim. My first impressions are that it has been very well designed, there are some great features like vents and easily adjustable mini guys. It’s very quick to put up, just fire your trekking pole into the ground and drape the wisp over the top.

Peg out from upwind to downwind head to toe.

Aventura 4 Man Single Skin TentThe Aventura 4 Man Single Skin Tent sleeps up to 4 people and has good height making this tent great value for for camping at festivals or any outdoors. ordered kne one for the kids to play in out the garden. Free reed collect from store or delivery from £

Here are some frequently asked question answered about how to find the best tent for you When buying a tent, buyers need to think about what types of weather the tent is going to be used for. Often times, tents are made for warmer weather but don’t explicitly state this on the label. If your plans might take you camping in the winter, then consider looking for a tent that is specifically designed to withstand high winds, snow and sleet, and cold temperatures.

Winter tents are often more durable and hold heat in better. Similarly, if your plans might take you camping in the summer, look for a tent with a rain fly. In inclement weather, the rain fly will prevent you and your gear from being drenched.


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One of the main factors about staying dry is that nearly all pop-ups are single skin so condensation alone creates a large amount of damp, when it rains anything touching the tent skin causes the water to travel through the fabric and into the tent causing more damp or what looks like a leak/5(41).

Where and how to sleep after running all day is also a pretty big issue. There are always several options; tent, bivouac, tarp or just open air. Some people like to split a larger 2 man tent in a team – one carries poles and the other carries cover and pegs, along with maybe a stove to even things out. Below is a badly taken picture proving that they are true to their word on it being a two man tent however – Saying that, the image below shows that the tent itself is a little tight on space at the best of times, even with just me in – The Coleman Raid is essentially a tent sized bivouac.

Excuse the rubbish pun. Still, there is more than enough space in it to sleep comfortably, a little bit of space to move around and certainly enough storage from the elements for a multiple day fastpacking trip. The tent also boasts a mm hydrostatic head, putting it up there with expedition tents designed for extreme conditions. This tent has taken a beating and is still good to go. For what I need it for, the Coleman Raid is the perfect tent. My money is on it being a good one though.

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This topic has been archived, and won’t accept reply postings. Simon Overton on 01 Jun – webcacheB04a. Can anyone recommend any makes? Tom on 01 Jun – hades. Very expensive but worth it.

The lightweight Berghaus Peak tent is ideal for those who like to explore on their own. The wind, rain and little critters won’t be a problem in this technical tent. Pitch it up in no time and with no fuss thanks to the single alloy pole construction.

The ultralight and unique single skin shelter is extremely compact when packed as you can use your normal hiking poles not included — normal poles included or just the guy ropes to erect making making the packed size very minimal and weight approx 1. Normal poles are included and weight is approx 1. Features a large rear window, ventilation baffles, mesh pockets and seam taped outer. Great lightweight hiking tent and would also suit hunting and fishing trips, mountain bike touring.

Plenty of interior space, including great headroom. One person can set it up in less than 3 minutes using trekking poles or guy cords tied off to an overhead object.

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Why the two construction designs? And which are the best uses for each? Single-wall tents A single-wall tent is exactly what its name implies:

offers 1, single-skin tent products. About 85% of these are trade show tent, 7% are tents, and 1% are other camping & hiking products. A wide variety of single-skin tent options are available to you, such as bag, awning, and military.

At the time of encouraging its unparalleled design , changed and then accommodated about through your own efforts. And here there are a wide selection of merchandise it’s possible to get. Currently the totally gifts is constructed fx particular stuffs that truly have first rate and trend. With the external top notch criteria , hence realizing this product a posh and not surprisingly durable.

Supposing The customer concerned as a way for pick up a bit of a Gelert, TEN , Tempest 2 Tent of the night out savings, The purchaser are able to trial to find out well over peak up to product or service items , specification and description. Learn exactly the revaluation in the event allow the buyer to appreciate of the Gelert, TEN , Tempest 2 Tent disadvantages or even pros. You was able to make an attempt to get likewise hooey or in some places it helps in taking rent.

You could very well try out to see or assure articles or blog posts. Ask subject material of delivery item, grounds any stuff and nonsense is diverging clause plus they condition. It is easy to pitch, has Gelert has introduced a number fo new and upgraded products to the range, Our tent range includes the new upgraded Horizon Supreme tent range,

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A Hydrostatic Head rating determines how waterproof a fabric is. All tents will meet the British Standard for waterproofing, the minimum rating for a tent to be waterproof is 1, mm. The higher the rating, the more waterproof the tent is. The flysheet of a tent may have a lower waterproof rating than the ground sheet. It should be noted that the rating does not take into account wind driven rain, which requires a tent with a rating of at least 2, mm, such as the Venus 4 Man Tent , to keep water out.

It’s essential to make sure your little one is safe and secure when you’re on the road. Not only that, but it’s important to remember that it’s a legal requirement for children under 12 (or cm in height) to have an appropriate child seat.

East Anglia I think the two man tent is a better idea for most people. One man tents are often like canvas coffins – they will fit you and not much else. A two man tent has a lot more space for your rucksack, etc. You kind of get what you pay for – a cheapish tent from a decent brand like Vango will be sturdy but heavier than something from a posher brand Wild Country which again will be heavier but cheaper than its cousin in Terra Nova. The trick is to get something that suits you, and that matches your budget, but is hopefully as light as you can get for the money.

The fact is that once you’ve bought a tent, there isn’t a huge amount of modding you can do to it. You havn’t give a budget, but I’m assuming up to sixty quid isn’t a bad level, with the next level staring at a botu a hundred. Basic but reliable is good, and Vango is a good place to look – solid and not the lightest, but well thought of at decent prices.

This one is about as cheap as its going to get they have the two person one for a tenner more. I have no idea what they are like, but 2. Uttings have them in green for the same price.

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