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Elsword Online ————— Elsword is a 2D side-scroller game. Elsword has evolved more over the year with each weekend patch update bring more to the story line to the Elsword Team. There are 12 character now in elsword over the few years ago. All character have different game play style from multiple classes path and some character are easyer and some character harder to master. This game is focus on PVE content mostly not pvp. Pvp is the weak point for elsword online. PVE story line is the strong point. This community complain day and night without any rest to the topic on the forum and in-game.

Instance Matching

There are a few things to keep in mind when you pick a server to play on. Where are Your Friends Playing? Edit With each character you create, you can only interact fully with people on the same server realm as your character.

Using Instance Matching As A Warrior. As of patch Warriors may now queue as either a tank or dps with the Instance Matching system. If you are unsure how to queue as a tank, it’s quite simple. First, open the Instance Matching window by clicking the icon located on your Mini-Map.

The game focuses on players progressing through alternate worlds via individual dungeons which present the player with a variety of enemy types as they progress. Players have access to primary and secondary attacks effectively light and heavy attacks which can be strung together to create unique combos much like those available in games like Street Fighter. A total of 4 characters will be available at launch with players cooperating in groups of up to 4 in each dungeon.

As players level up they gain access to skill points which can be spent in two separate skill trees per character. These skill trees offer players the choice of activatable abilities and passive traits which can be slotted in order to create unique play-styles. A character can for example, slot only passive skills in order to maximize his damage through just auto attack combos. In addition to unlockable skills, players will loot a variety of gear in each level.

Players can equip items which grant the player upgraded damage, unique passive stats such as increased damage from critical strikes , and even abilities the player had yet to unlock. Besides progressing through the games PvE storyline, players can also participate in competitive PvP or tournaments, which score a player based on his highest attack combo and overall performance in a dungeon.


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I want to do instance matching for Ebon Tower, the quest Thulsa’s Doom but its not showing up in the options for instance matching only other.

Here you can check for people that are in need of a party. If no one has posted anything similar to your needs, you can make your own topic which will be left up on the menu until someone contacts you. You can check out a list of dungeons you’re able to do. A party will consist of 5 people, one will be a tank, one a healer, and the rest will be DPS. It might take some time for the whole party to fill up so you can go do other things while you wait. When everything is complete, you’ll get a message that will teleport you to the dungeon.

Edit Loot The party leader will choose how items are shared between the party. There are two main options which are round robin and free for all. There are multiple extra additions for round robin. You can set a dice roll for the items when people want the same thing.

How to Tera (+level 65 beginners guide)

Tera Rising Dungeon Matchmaking Click it and a box will pop up. Look for a symbol with weird circles. I guess I figured out the problem.

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During this time, the influence of the fallen god on the dream will be palpable, providing you with an exciting alternative reality to explore on this special server: Slower progression up to level 65 Quicker progression from level 65, e. Even more reasons to join Manahan: Create a new character, gear them up quicker than ever, and then transfer them to your home server at the end. Experience tons of tweaked contents in ways never seen before.

Pick up fantastic reward chests and bring the loot back to your home server with you! Please bear in mind: Manahan is an international PvE server. Each player gets 2 character slots.


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TERA. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews DPS class, dungeon queues can take a LONG time. I however like the rewards and bonus XP from Vanguard inititive and the Dungeon Matching rewards. #3. Invoky. Aug 16, .

How to queue as a tank First, click on the Instance Matching icon on your mini-map: In the Instance Matching Interface you will see 3 icons indicating group roles. The icon on the far left will select your role as a Tank, the icon looks like a shield. The icon in the middle will select your role as DPS, the icon looks like two crossed swords. Queue in a group with another Warrior You can also join the Instance Matching through a group. If your group includes a second warrior and you are currently the group leader, you can choose to set them as the Tank or DPS.

You must be the group leader for this option to be available to you. First, click on the Instance Matching icon on your mini-map. Select your role, then select the role for your party member at the bottom of this window. Once you have selected the roles for your party, click “Find Group”. This will bring up another window that verifies your choices.

Online Match Making

The Instance Matching tool is a function that can be used to queue your character in a selected dungeon. To access the instance matching tool, a button under the compass will lead you to it. Instance Matching Menu Edit The instance matching menu. Currently only two dungeons are available to this character. The first screen the player will encounter is the instance matching menu. Here, a player can see what dungeons a character is eligible based on character’s level and gear.

TERA has its own forum, a place where players and community managers can get together to chat about the game. For questions, suggestions, bug reports and anything else related to the game, the forum is the right place to make your voice heard.

If you are still not receiving a verification email, please consult our email verification FAQ. Email sent Please check your email. It contains instructions on how to verify your account. If you have any questions regarding this EULA, or any supplemental terms, please [contact us]. End User License Agreement 1. Grant of a Limited Use License By agreeing to this Agreement, you may install the game client software hereafter referred to as the “Game Client” onto your machine for purposes of playing TERA, and may register for and access an account with the Service the “Account”.

Subject to your agreement to and continuing compliance with this Agreement, En Masse hereby grants, and you hereby accept, a limited, non-exclusive license to a install the Game Client on a machine owned by you or under your legitimate control, and b use the Game Client in conjunction with the Service for your non-commercial entertainment purposes only. You hereby agree that all use of the Game Client is subject to this Agreement and to the Terms of Service.

Additional Limitations The license granted to you in Section 1 is subject to the terms and conditions of this EULA and any supplemental terms including the Terms of Service. You hereby agree that any use of TERA in violation of any of the limitations set forth in Sections 1 and 2 will be regarded as an infringement of En Masse’s rights in and to TERA, including but not limited to copyrights. You agree that you will not, under any circumstances: You agree that you will not copy, reverse engineer, derive source code from, modify, disassemble, or decompile any Separately Licensed Software, create any derivative works based on any Separately Licensed Software, or infringe or misappropriate any intellectual property or other rights embodied in any Separately Licensed Software.

You also agree that you will not access or use any Separately Licensed Software until and unless you agree with the end user license agreements provided by the licensors of such Separately Licensed Software. The terms of each such end user license agreement will replace and supersede this Agreement, but only with regard to the applicable Separately Licensed Software referenced in such agreement.


Last updated by Kevin VanOrd on May 16, You team up with other players, fight monsters, level up, earn new gear, and so on. It is, in fact, a very traditional online fantasy adventure in most respects but one: And that action is so smooth, so immediate, and so enjoyable that it’s likely to keep you invested in Tera, even as you skip from one quest to the next, ferrying messages between characters standing 20 feet from each other.

Generic questing aside, Tera is a well-executed game:

Tera Dungeon Matchmaking. Secret societies, mythological creatures, and evil cults define a world shrouded by mystery and bursting with supernatural horrors.

Completing quests in Tuwangi Mire is very time consuming and, simply put, boring. On the top of that, there are no storyline quests here so, the best decision is to leave for BoL, best by using Instance Matchmaking. Bastion of Lok – the first instance in the game! Apart from lots of experience points for killing bosses and completing quests which are very simple here also the simple killing of mobs rewards you with lots of experience points – each one of them should provide you with several times more experience points, than the regular mobs that you have been, so far, killing.

Due to the fact that it is the first instance in the game available for you, mobs that you encounter here are not too demanding but you should be able to notice the difference , in comparison with the regular monsters – still, you should watch out because each of the bosses, and especially the last one, can deal a lot of damage to an inconsiderate player. You can do this instance several times, until you reach the rd experience level – this should not be difficult, because, each time you enter, you should receive, at least, a half of the experience bar and finding a team thanks to Instance Matchmaking, is as easy as pie.

As you wait for the party, you can take up on the nearby BAMs Basilisk – they are not too demanding and they reward you with a hoard of experience. Once you have reached level , skip to the next chapter in this guide. Next Raising in experience by completing quests Levels Prev Raising in experience by completing quests Levels Get e-book version of this Guide:

Instance matchmaking sucks :: TERA General Discussions

The problem is is that my lvl is too high to instance matchmake on the instance i need to run thru. Why punish players who lvl up quicker? First off you can’t instant matchmake. Im not sure why you are BSing the community right now, but once you level to high for a dung you can no longer matchmake for that Dung. You will have to manually start a party and enter from there.

The reason you cannot match-make is because you exceed +5 levels of what the dungeon requires (Or other similar math). The reason for this is so a high level cannot que up in matchmaking and suck the XP out of a dungeon from players who are an appropriate level to run it.

March 22 So as someone who played the game quite a lot on PC, this trophy list looks very easy. The trophies for leveling are obviously simple enough and all of those dungeons are Pre level 65 and are just used to quickly level in order to reach the end game. There are two things that might make this platinum a tad difficult: You out level these dungeons too quickly and lock yourself out of matchmaking into them. This isn’t so bad because once you are 10 – 15 levels above the recommended for that dungeon you can go back to it’s teleportal in the world and solo it yourself with immense ease.

Arun boss and Shara Boss, these trophies seem like they will share an in game achievement of the same name which requires you to kill every world boss in the specified region. I believe across Arun and Shara there are 26 world bosses and they respawn about 1 hour after being killed, although some respawn more slowly or quicker.

TERA review

These are “Difficulty scale “, “Difficulty scale “, “Difficulty scale “, and “Difficulty scale “. For new characters, all the fractal scale ranges in the group tool are locked greyed out. A locked scale range does not prevent a character from joining a fractal in that range through other methods besides the LFG tool. As long as a character is level 80, they can technically join any fractal scale.

For example, a player might join any fractal scale using a direct group invitation.

If anything matchmaking is extremely fair, maybe even too fair. If you are higher level than the dungeon allows, you havn’t been instant matchmaking for 30 minutes because it doesn’t let you use MM anymore.

Sep 05 Views: This is a tool designed to help group players up in pick-up groups, allowing solo players to jump into a group easily although sometimes at a disadvantage of time — groups can take a while to get into. There is a huge problem that has been plaguing the IMS, however, which is players exploiting the system. Dungeons all have specific iLvl requirements to even join the queue, and as you get better gear you open up the ability to enter more dungeons.

Your iLvl is basically a symbol that your gear meets what is needed to successfully complete the dungeon; both in terms of DPS ability and being able to take damage from enemies. The important thing to note here, though, is that it is considered by a lot of players to be the minimum; not what is actually needed. A great player with a decent iLvl can successfully complete a dungeon.

TERA Online PS4 Closed Beta (Matchmaking, first Dungeon)